helps you find
a job with

Boursorama bank,
break recruitment codes

In May, Boursorama Banque, with Welcome Jobs, helps young people find a summer job in just a few clicks. It will promote their profiles to recruiters through publications in the regional press and on the Internet.A service offer presented in a campaign signed Buzzman. A reaffirmation of its promise "We don't just want to be the cheapest bank for young people. We also want to help them earn money".

UX research & reflexion

UI Design for developers

Tired of struggling?

Boursorama puts you in first place!

“ …Gnia Gnia GNia …, Recruitment processes
are always long…
…Gnia Gnia Gnia… “

Not in our house, We've simplified it. in two steps!

In 5 minutes
it's done !

You fill out your information,
a photo and a description.

“ Is it really that simple? “

Your profile can be found in your local newspaper...
and on the platform set up by Boursorama.