awakens the genie to make a wish.

the world

20 million cans sold
50,000 Hidden Geniuses

Buzzman and his creative geniuses have come up with a campaign that is shaking up the soft drink market. Consumers tend to forget that to enjoy an orangina properly, you have to shake your can, otherwise the pulp stays down. 50,000 geniuses are hidden, and to find them you have to turn the can upside down to hear the famous “make your wish” with Jim Carrey’s crazy voice.

You don't have found the genius?

Try to wake him up!
and make a crazyyyy wish

try your luck !

A platform that counts more than 250,000 visits,
two ways to participate: by being one of the lucky ones who discovered the genius underneath his can, or trying to wake him up through a little game.

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